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Jonathan Stephenson    

British | born 1964

Jonathan Stephenson works in multiple areas of design but the common link is a rigorous dedication to a minimalist aesthetic. In the past 35 years he has worked on the typography of 100 books and catalogues, designed hundreds of pieces of gallery printed matter, and worked on the three-dimensional design of 150 gallery exhibitions at Rocket. An appreciation of the history of typography underpins all his design pursuits.

In recent years the concentration on typography and two-dimensional design has expanded into areas of three-dimensional interior architecture. The first significant project was the design and construction of the

new permanent home of Rocket. This eighteen-month project took a raw 4,000 square feet of shell space on two levels and converted it into two galleries, a showroom, studio and office – all physically linked by a purpose-built poured concrete staircase.

Currently, Jonathan Stephenson is working on the design of a modest house with studio and gallery on 4,000 square metres of land in the Vosges mountains of Lorraine in Eastern France. Permission for construction was obtained in May 2021 and the concrete foundation was poured in October 2022.

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