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2022/2023 | Childhood


7 July 2022 to 6 April 2023   open Friday & Saturday 2-6 by appointment

                                                                                           curated by Sidney Stephenson

Cedric Christie | Ib Geertsen | Michelle Grabner | Peter Hedegaard | Keld Helmer-Petersen | Matthias Hoch | Charles Christopher Hill | Jeremy Moon | Martin Parr | Paul Shambroom |

Lars Wolter

Rocket presents a group exhibition curated by Sidney Stephenson, second generation gallerist.

‘The premise for this exhibition is simple: a small selection of memorable works from Rocket exhibitions that I witnessed as a child and from artists who, often as family friends, were influential on my childhood.’


By default, this show is a thank you to artists who have shaped the aesthetic of Rocket Gallery throughout our almost 30 year tenure. In an age that focuses primarily on steadfast swarms of information and dubious narratives, these artists have consistently offered a moment away from the madness.

to view works in the exhibition please click here 

to read the press release click here  or to view the invitation click here

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