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Charles Christopher Hill    

American | born 1948

Charles Christopher Hill has collaborated with Rocket for over two decades since his first solo exhibition at the gallery in 1996. Throughout this period Hill’s paintings have been concerned with primitive mark-making and the process of repetition. Over the years he has continued his pursuit of minimalism by reducing his interest in geometric form down to simplified lines which extend across and off the canvas.

... simple motifs painted in black or red and isolated on white grounds. The very starkness of the imagery, however, yields its own associative richness. Hill’s technique of painting with multiple layers of acrylic paint and clear medium enhances that richness by providing its own sensuous sheen – and, ironically, by suppressing brushstrokes. The presence of the hand is forced entirely into the motifs, in their wobbly irregularity that bespeaks the act of drawing.    Peter Frank, Artweek

Hills paintings are built up of multiple layers of acrylic

paint yellow, orange, red, green and black applied in

random order – and endless layers of clear acrylic medium.

Charles Christopher Hill lives and works in Los Angeles.

He studied at the University of California, Irvine.

He has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.

Hills work can be found in numerous public collections

including Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo; Los Angeles

County Museum of Art; Centre Pompidou, Paris;

Guggenheim, New York; and Moma, New York.


Charles Christopher Hill working in his California studio

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