Ditty Ketting    Dutch | born 1952

Ditty Ketting lives and works in Pernis, near Rotterdam in The Netherlands. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rotterdam she has exhibited widely in Europe. In The Netherlands she exhibited regularly at MK-galerie, Rotterdam and Galerie Nouvelles Images – until the closure of both galleries – and continues to exhibit at Galerie Rob de Vries, Haarlem. In 2012 she had her first solo London exhibition at Rocket. This was followed by her first exhibition in USA at The Suburban, Chicago.

Ditty Ketting can certainly be counted among the artistic heirs to Mondrian and De Stijl, even if the inheritance has passed various generations and a diversity of paths. ... Talking about colours with Ditty is an adventure. For her colours are like living beings with their own specific character traits that she has to learn to penetrate and tame, and control and appropriate in order to make them usable in her system. ... In her paintings the interplay of colours is so rich, so lavish and overwhelmingly present, that one never gets around to searching for a system. She chooses her colours based on a chromatic circle of 14 colours which she selects instinctively, but which still have the spectrum as

a basis.     Ankie de Jongh-Vermeulen

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